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Diy Vintage-Inspired Glass Candleholder Cake Will Stand With Beaded Fringes

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Thuy Thanh Dinh
  very nice Jersey

Talha Zaman
  My son loves it. I’d get it again.

Aaron Patrick Tango
  Reminds me of college training shorts from back in the day, except I have to wash them myself.
Very comfy, I think they’re best for around the house, almost look like pajama shorts. You could get away with wearing these to the 99¢ store to pick up a popsicle and you’ll fit right in.

Esther Lagurin
  Fits my mini crib mattress perfectly. A tad bit lighter than I thought but the color is adorable!

Elena Gospodinova
  had to return this for the next size up at first but it was worth it. These jerseys are perfect for me as I am an entry level cyclist just need some functional equipment at an affordable price.

Louie Burnett
  She loves it.

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